Thursday, 18 December 2014

Level 748

 Moves (revised)
1 Flower
55 Strawberries
70 Onions
110 Water drops
Personally I found making more water is harder, so start that first.
Because if you get your water first then the frogs jump up to the top part out of the way.
Some of the ice is broken already by flying water drops which makes it easier for you to start opening your flower.
Then if you have enough moves left to finish the level, you will get lots of falling crops in the lower half. Which means with all the added value, you will get enough points to finish.
If you get the frogs moving earlier then they jump onto the top side and you cannot make your water.

However as I have wasted too many lives on this, even before they made it harder, perhaps the people who have said get the other crops first, were right.