Level 747

14 moves
4 Poppy Flowers
165 Carrots
165 Onions
And another changed back to how it was.
The easiest way to complete this level is to watch those rows you are making. Do not move any of the bulls out of any of those rows. Otherwise you have to waste moves to try and get them back to where you want them.
Try and make a row vertically in front of them to start with that hits as many of them as you can to get them moving.
They need to all move into the first block of ice to break it, or you could use shovels to do that part. But it doesn't work if you only have 3. And not only that, once you have used your shovels to break ice, then you don't have them to make better matches later on.

You need combinations and cascading crops here, because without them you won't get the points you need.

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