Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Level 745

16 Moves (revised)
10 Flowers
75 Apples
75 Carrots
75 Strawberries
A challenging level to finish Episode 46 on.
The way to tackle this level is to clear the flowers as quickly as possible. Even just some of them, because once crops start falling and you have room, that is where you gather your points to get enough crops.
To start with though, you need to make rows next to your water buckets, to get water to jump onto the crops so you can make a row in the first place. And this is where you will use most of your moves. So if you find you are getting nowhere while your available moves are falling, quit and start again.
As soon as you see any possible moves in your flowers, make your rows. As I said before, that is where your points will gather, so once you have space, work there and nowhere else. Use shovels if you need to drop any decent crops.