Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Level 744

20 Moves (revised)
2 Sheep
70 Strawberries
70 Suns
70 Water drops
This is a tricky level.
You need to watch carefully, because you need to move the sheep in as little moves as you can, to save the moves for crop gathering later on.
However at the same time, you need to gather any crops first that might have extra points on. Its not so easy to get everything together so the more moves you have to play with, the better for you.
The hay isn't overly easy to manoeuvre into. The best place I found is towards the corner of each side. However there are other ways you can move them, it depends on how you line the crops up.

Try to always line crops up so that they cascade, or so that you can make another move straight after.
And again the video uses two less moves since the changes.