Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Level 742

11 Moves (revised)
6 Oysters
65 Strawberries
65 Apples
65 Water drops
The best place to make rows this time is in the centre on the grass as you get more points on each crop and match you make.
If you can't make a row there, if you make a row at the bottom, it will make crops drop down a little.
Ideally make as many rows next to as many oysters as you can hit each time. Thereby saving moves. If you open an oyster but cannot complete on the next move, shovels come in handy as if you hit the open ones, they will be taken away.
You can also use shovels to drop crops to make a nicer row too.
Combinations and +5 are possible, even on that smaller section so don't miss chances to use both when they come up.

The biggest problem we have on this level are those annoying bombs. Some of them seem to match up when you are busy making rows, but the others are a pain. If you have any extra shovels left, when they get down to 1, remove them quickly. Otherwise you will either have to match them up or be prepared to lose a few crops. Its still possible to complete the level even if a couple of your bombs go off though. It just means you need to get more points on crops.

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