Thursday, 13 November 2014

Level 736

22 Moves (revised)
8 oysters
20 Water drops
140 Suns
140 Apples
You will notice we have two free boosters on the board (until they decide to change the level anyway) Don't touch them for now.
Make rows that break your crops, and hopefully open oysters too. You should be able to gather points on crops on this board, so if you find you are getting a lot of apples and suns, save the boosters for your water drops. Its the Ariel booster, you get more crops drop, for whichever crop you swapped it with. So if you are short on a few crops to complete one part, that's where they come in handy.

Once you can get to your water buckets, if you have enough moves left, you can make enough water as we only need 20 for a change.
Video uses two moves less since they revised it so you can do it :)