Thursday, 13 November 2014

Level 731

22 Moves
100 Water drops
90 Onions
90 Suns
4 Flowers
This should be known as the level from Hell.
An entire board full of bombs, but all is not lost. When you move bombs, you do get some crops fall. We also have Strawberry and Apple eating frogs. And two extra boosters, that when you swap a crop with them, remove all around them (one layer around) and add points to those removed crops too. So do not waste them by swapping them with your bombs. They will not benefit you at all.
Wait until there are crops around them. And if you have points on your crops before you swap, its even better for you.
The best way to tackle this level, is to keep matching next to water buckets and frogs. Not only will the frogs eat unwanted crops including bombs, they can also be swallowed by water.

When you first start this level, they are laid out the same every time. Its a good idea to use a shovel, to drop a column of crops, wherever you feel will be more help. One use of a shovel and you can immediately match 5 in a row. If you can match 5 over and over again, even better.