Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Level 730 **Farm Club**

22 Moves (revised)
4 Oysters
6 Dragons
130 Water drops
This farm club level is as tricky as past ones for getting 3 Stars. To get one star though, its not so bad if you remember to gather all crops with points on first..
You don't even need to make the eggs hatch just yet, they will fall into place all by themselves.
The only problem we have are the water buckets. You need to  a whole board of it as you need 130 of the drops. The more points the more stars, so you need to gather as many as you can for all three. More cascading crops will give you more points and hit buckets too.

You do need a good board, you need to make as many moves next to buckets as you can, while cracking eggs. And the crops need to cascade down for you to help you massively. If you can get it to do that, with very careful planning and a sneaky shovel here and there, you will pass it. Remember shovels can be used to pat the water buckets too to help them along and to crack eggs.