Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Level 729

18 Moves (Revised since first released)
2 Sheep
12 Oysters
1 Spider
160 Apples
The oysters are not too bad to get as long as you make rows along the length or height of them, so you open more than one at a time.
You only have one spare nest for the spider to jump in to, so ignore that while you open oysters.
Watch for an opening to move your sheep to the corner, preferably making rows of apples if you can, but if you use combinations and watch for falling crops, you can add a nice amount to each crop. 
I find to save losing the value on each, if I can use a shovel to drop a crop to make a row, it gives you more points to save.
As you are busy gathering apples, move the spider into the nest and away.
Don't be too disillusioned if your friends have higher scores, they added 30 apples and took away two moves so now its harder. One star is a pass!