Saturday, 8 November 2014

Level 725

23 Moves (revised)
6 poppy Flowers
150 Water drops
100 Apples
100 Onions.
There is no hard and fast path to completing this level this time. You have to take advantage of whatever chances arise.
Although you have two sheep on the board, you don't need to get them to the hay, there isn't any? So the purpose of these are to be blocks for your bulls. As you know by now, if a bull hits them, they stop. So use them to line up ready to get the two awkward poppy's, the ones at the bottom of the screen.
Of course you don't just have to use the sheep, you can also use the other bulls too and they move sometimes, a lot easier. In which case the sheep are just in the way.

Get the easier flowers as soon as you can to save moves, but keep an eye on crops. You should get plenty that fall and complete themselves, but as usual, you will likely find when you actually get all the flowers, its the one time you didn't get cascading crops.

I found it easier to move the top bulls down to the first top flowers, the bottom bulls up, then they are lined up for the poppies in the middle. Move either the left or right (or both across) to deal with them.
Then you just need to get the final two top and bottom ones.