Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Level 708

22 Moves (revised)
3 Poppy Flowers
90 Apples
90 Onions
90 Strawberries
You only need to get 3 of the 4 poppies on the board!
It should be easy to move him upto the top. Use shovels to remove problem crops so that you can make moves where you need him to go.
Once up on the top, it does help to make water, as they can flush out all the crops so that you get new ones falling. Even if they are a pain landing on your needed crops.
Try and keep at least one shovel for your last poppy flower. You cannot remove them using shovels, I tried lol. But if you don't get the right crops, sometimes you can move one down if you have it in the line above or take the chance and pat water.
Gather the crops with higher values first (as long as it doesn't move your bull). You will probably find you get some more than others when you are busy moving the bull, so don't forget the ones you haven't so many of. Concentrate on them if you remove the flowers early enough.

The quicker you get the bull doing its part, the more moves you have left to gather crops. That's why if you don't do it within the first few moves, its better just to quit and start again