Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Level 707

23 Moves (revised)
4 Poppy Flowers
115 Apples
115 Onions
4 Flowers
Having played this level numerous times, I discovered if a bull hits a normal flower, he also helps open it, just like using a shovel on it. So he is of some use after all.
They have changed this level twice now since release, we only have 2 bulls but 4 poppies to get.
One way you could do it is by moving the higher bull up out the way then the lower bull left and right. Once he has got those poppies, move the bull at the top down, then over to the right, back up then down again.
Examples below, as the bull doesn't stop until it hits something.

You will collect all the crops you need as long as you make combinations of L and T shape and gather as many rows of 5 crops as you can.
While making rows of crops you will open the flowers mostly anyway.