Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Level 706

10 Moves (revised)
3 Poppy flowers
55 Apples
55 Carrots
55 Strawberries
This level introduces the bull. To make him move along a row, you need to make a match next to him.
In this first level, by making a row next to him vertically, he tootles along to the flower. That is how the poppy flowers are removed, by the bull headbutting them. Then you have to get him down. You don't need to get him to the edge of the screen. It seems if you make a row underneath him (as long as its touching him) he goes down. If you make a row above, he goes up. And if you want him to go left or right, you need to make a row, left or right of him on the same row.
On top of this, in only a few moves, you need to get the crops needed. So as you see higher valued crops, grab them. Save shovels for helping with the bull, or dropping crops to get better matches.
Practice, once you have worked it out how to do it, its more fun lol.