Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Level 705

28 Moves (revised again)
2 Sheep
4 Chicks
10 Flowers
100 Carrots
The hardest thing about this level is the types of requirements. On their own they are easily manageable. Together they are tricky.
Its a good idea to start opening the flowers first, while gathering higher value carrots because of the rabbit. 
I used a companion here, the egg cracking one was the one that worked better for me. 
As soon as you have a clear run, move the sheep across.
Don't try and stun the rabbit too much unless its a good move for you, because you can waste moves. If he pinches the odd carrot that's ok. Even if its annoying.
There are so many flowers on the board, its easy to think you have finished them to suddenly find you have one left, so always keep track of how many you have removed.