Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Level 700

17 Moves (revised)
2 Sheep
240 Suns
100 Apples
100 Strawberries
You will notice there are two hay seeds, but hay patches have already been made under the firecrackers. 
As you don't need to use any of the firecrackers to complete the level, making your own hay, lessens the threat of frogs jumping onto the board. 
They can only come because of the firecrackers, so if you try not to set them off, you will be safer.
However. If you do get frogs on the board, all is not lost. You can still beat this level!
You need to make many combinations and +5 moves, but you will be able to gather all you need with patience.
If you make hay next to each other, you will find the sheep are easier to take home. 
It doesn't matter if they jump around a little to start with as long as you are gathering crops while doing it.