Thursday, 9 October 2014

Level 174

14 moves
4 flowers
8 strawberries
50 apples
A split level again, good side, bad side, but we have seeds so that helps
Personally, I worked on the flowers first rather than growing grass, as it is better to use that trick on the slime parts.
These are the only strawberries you have though, you will not get any more, so again, you need to build up their value before removing them. You also need to be careful that you don't activate a +5 move and whisk away the crops from beneath strawberries. Otherwise you find they all sit in a row and vanish. If that happens. Quit and start again. You can do nothing else.
Try to get a seed down to the strawberry area and activate it, that is the best way. You get rid of a lot of slime then.

Its a good idea as soon as you have extra value on crops, to use shovels to remove them. This is one of those levels you need to wait forever for crops to fall to do anything.