Thursday, 9 October 2014

Level 173 **Rancid**

20 moves (revised)
We need 280 Water, Apples,Carrots and Strawberries
Very tempting to say oh my! and run for the hills!
We have seeds near grumpy water so they can't be used yet. Slime all over and some iced crops. Rancid is having a field day on this one!
Underneath the ice though, a glimmer of hope. There is some grass, so try and break the ice if you can as soon as possible, make matches, or use your shovels.
You could even knock your seeds down a level if you happen to have them near a nice water sitting on a patch of grass to encourage your grass to grow quicker.
Make as many patches of grass as you can. If you can get them near each other there will be more grass and less slime to turn your crops bad.