Thursday, 9 October 2014

Level 172

18 moves
4 flowers
1 Alligator
85 apples
55 carrots
Mr. Rabbit is back
It would be quite easy to make many matches apart from that stupid mean nasty rabbit popping up everywhere.
Make rows next to him so that it stuns him and keeps him quiet, while keeping an eye out for the highest value crops.
Once you get your ice broken, which is quite easy, try and set your crops up so that they will fall multiple times. Thereby opening flowers all by themselves.
Now the flowers are out of the way, if you match up apples and carrots on the grass you will soon build up enough points.
The easiest part is actually the dinosaur. You only need one, so as you are busy making matches, you will break eggs. And if you don't quite get 3 in a row, use a shovel to crack them open.