Monday, 22 September 2014

Level 664

20 Moves
1 Chick
1 Dragon
2 Flowers
50 Onions
4 Coloured frogs are sat at the bottom, but they won't hinder us by eating crops as they are the wrong colour. They can sit themselves on top of crops though which is a pain when you have them ready to make a row. Luckily though you can complete this level with 3 stars and totally avoid moving them at all it seems :)
If the game reshuffles, quit it. Where the eggs are lined up, they just need the flowers to be removed to make the animal for each requirement. So concentrate on opening the flowers by making rows in the middle depending on which crops are next to the flowers. It might take a few tries to co-operate but as long as you do that, and gather any extra value onions, you will complete this level easily.

**edit, ok it might not be so easy if the game is being stubborn!!**