Friday, 19 September 2014

Level 659

26 Moves
6 Flowers
30 Apples
30 Onions
30 Suns

Flower making again here. To get the water I would suggest that you make things easier, and try and match up the required crops wherever you can, especially if it is next to water. Once the water is jumping out, you will find other crops get swallowed up making it harder to get them later on in the level. The more you can collect before the water the better. Of course you need to try and save moves because you need to make 6 flowers, the shape of the board doesn't make it easy to get the water near them, or to get the flowers in good places. So the more moves left the better. That is where the splashing puddles of water come in handy. If you get lots of water leaping out, it can jump over crops and make rows itself with hardly any help.