Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Level 581 **Rancid**

23 Moves (revised)
As its a rancid level we have any amounts of Apples and Suns to throw at him this time. We need 200 points and its only a small board so guess what the grass seed is for? That's right, we have to waste a move making grass. But at least we get extra points for it. 

The other disadvantage is, the grumpy crops are back. Making grass makes them happy again though.
The only way to complete this level is to make as many points on your crops as you can as you remove them and then gather the remaining higher points crops. 

You need a lot of points so make combinations wherever you can. The grumpy crops will make this really hard for you as you cannot make as much grass as you would like due to the lack of moves.

Its not too hard to break Ice, but getting the grass where you want it and getting rows of healthy crops is harder.