Sunday, 3 August 2014

Level 578

16 Moves
4 Flowers
200 Water drops
30 Suns
30 Strawberries
With this level, the 4 flowers are on the smaller board where there is little room to make matches, but it doesn't matter. To get 200 Water drops, we need to flood the board with water. Meaning all matches need to be next to buckets.
The best places to do this are against the longer rows, or with the buckets in the middle. But the middle ones, instead of just doing them next to the buckets, try and make rows in between them so you are knocking at least two each time. More water buckets touched, more water drops and more floods. If you are lucky, the water drops will make new matches and make even more water. Don't forget the Strawberries and suns though. Gather those when they have extra points on.
As you are flooding the board with water, some will go over onto the flowers and make them open. Save your shovels for maybe hitting the water buckets to save moves.