Saturday, 2 August 2014

Level 574

23 Moves
75 Water drops
75 Suns
12 Flowers
At first glance we see firecrackers, which are usually helpful. Don't bother making special moves to include them. Out of the many times I played this level, I would say they were helpful for less than 5% of the time. Yes they break ice or land on crops but what we really need to do is open the flowers. They seem to go everywhere but there.
Break open the flowers in as few moves as possible. Try to use the needed crops to be gathering your numbers as well.
We do have water slurping frogs on the board but tbh unless you break the ice at the bottom, you usually only have one to contend with and he doesn't stop you gathering the water. That's pretty easy. If anything he jumps on rows you have just manipulated into place meaning you can't make the match.
The bottom left corner flowers are the hardest to get. If you concentrate on the bottom set of flowers, you will find some top corner flowers are opened by falling crops. You need this help. Make rows in between flowers or against rows of them to get them opened in as few moves as possible.