Saturday, 2 August 2014

Level 573

20 Moves
1 Spider
1 Sheep
16 Flowers
100 Onions
This level is hard from one side to the other. You have the bombs but no room to make +5 to get rid of them all in one go.
If you open the top row of flowers you can get new crops dropping to make a match with the bombs. The reshuffle of the board because of no moves is the best for this level though as it brings them out from their protected space.
Bombs out of the way, you need to open the flowers and the spider web/spider at the same time to free the hay on the right side, so vertical matches and cascades are needed her. You soon run out of moves so try to make as much progress in less moves.
Move the sheep to the other side and sort out the spider and any remaining flowers. Not an easy level so patience is needed.

Good luck!