Saturday, 2 August 2014

Level 571

24 Moves
2 Chicks
55 Water drops
55 Suns
Lay as many matches against your water buckets so that you can get lots of water jumping out. We need to break all those ice blocks to get your chickens moving. You should be able to get all the water you need as well like this.
If you want to make it easier, you could use shovels to move the chickens but then you won't have them for later.
Once freed make combinations of suns, you need a lot, so will need to get the numbers up. And while you can, make your rows next to your chickens. You need them jumping everywhere to get those eggs dropping. Sometimes they seem to lay cracked eggs which come in handy, but this is where I would save my shovels for. Its pretty easy to get a set of eggs, to get the other, if you have a cracked and two normal almost in a row, use the shovels to make them all cracked.