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Level 611

18 Moves Requirements: 6 Flowers 90 Carrots 90 Strawberries 90 Water drops Back to making flowers again, to make it quicker, you could use shovels to break the ice. Move the water drops next to your flowers and make them really quickly, then you can save you remaining moves to make row, and cascade crops to open your flowers and gather the needed amounts.

Level 610

15 Moves Requirements: 14 Flowers 85 Suns 85 Carrots 85 Strawberries Open the flowers making matches lying against all the flowers. When you have cleared them, try and make rows on the grass for extra points. Its quite a fun level this one, you need to make multiple rows and cascade them so that you get all the crops needed.

Level 609

23 Moves Requirements: 6 Flowers 6 Sheep 150 Apples 55 Water We need a large amount of apples, but actually they are quite easy to get as long as you make crops fall and fall. The hardest part is getting the sheep to where you want them, and get the water out as well. You need to make hay this time instead of flowers, so try and make it where its best for you. Once you have done that, open the flowers, make water and just manoeuvre your sheep until on the hay, and check you have everything else needed.

Level 608

20 Moves Requirements: 23 Water drops 30 Strawberries 30 Suns 9 Flowers Open your flowers gathering crops at the same time. You need to make matches so they open multiple flowers as we need to get water jumping out. We don't need to make flowers this time but we do need to make water so every move counts. Along with the needed crops, we also have grumpies. Making grass, will cancel the unhappiness and add extra points. Grab crops as soon as they have extra points on them.

Level 607

20 moves Requirements: 6 Flowers 55 Carrots 55 Strawberries 55 Water drops Again, another fun level, but easier than the last. Make as many matches as you can around your water buckets. Not only will you make water, you will also make extra points on your crops. Get your water to jump out and as soon as it lands near flowers, don't go for other crops better moves, just make your flowers as they are harder. You will make up cropped points elsewhere easily again. Once your flowers are all made, its a matter of planning moves to make sure you get the most out of them and open your flowers too.

Level 606

16 Moves Requirements: 6 Flowers 70 Water drops 70 Onions 70 Strawberries This level isn't hard, but you might have to play it quite a few times until you get a good board. We learnt how to make flowers last time in the new levels, so its more of doing the same. Use shovels to get water drops into place as it will save moves. But even when you have made all your flowers, you need to get all the crops cascading down so that you get the amounts needed. More of a fun level this time.

Level 605

13 Moves Requirements: 50 Onions 50 Suns 50 Strawberries 40 Carrots The more points are going to be found on the trapped lower half of the board. See what crops you have under webs and ice, and see if you can break any and make a nice row with shovels to get you started. Watch out for the rabbit...I would try and gather carrots first. He is a pain!! Once you are doing all that, work out the best places for more points to complete this level. It will always be on the grass so gather as many points as you can.

Level 604

23 Moves Requirements: 2 Spiders 1 Chick 75 Strawberries 75 Suns The easiest way to complete this level is to remove the spiders first, while taking chances next to the chicken. Save your shovels to crack any eggs that you might be able to match later. Let the crops fall to get extra points. A lot of careful planning on this level, grab a star and make a better attempt later if you like a challenge :)

Level 603

15 Moves Requirements: 3 Flowers 90 Onions 90 Strawberries 40 Water drops Make the flowers where the seeds are. As the crops fall down, they will pass them and hopefully open them, with a little help if needed ;) Then make your rows as close to the water as you can. You need less water than the others, but its harder to get out as there are only two buckets. If you keep matching the other crops up though on the grass, you will not only make water, you will get extra points on your crops. Seems fairly easy to make some +5 and combinations here so take advantage of it.

Level 602

11 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 75 Suns 75 Apples 75 Onions A bit of everything almost here. If you get a good board though, the snowballs won't cause any problems. Open the flowers when you can, by making rows including the iced crops too. Its like two moves in one. Let the crops fall down, so multiple matches if you can, and al those points will be added on. Plan moves ahead and be careful to see what will fall when you move something. Save shovels to towards the end. They can be handy for opening flowers ;)

Level 601

15 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 90 Carrots 90 Onions 90 Water drops Making our own flowers again on this level so make them as soon as you can. Annoying, irritating, frustrating frogs are here slurping our water. Build points up on all your crops, but especially your water as that will vanish first. You need the extra points on all your crops to get the required amounts. If you make your flowers in the middle area, as crops slide past it to match up they will open the flowers for you :)

Level 600

26 Moves Requirements: 2 Fireflies 4 Flowers 140 Onions 1 Sheep This level isn't as hard as it looks thankfully. The spider needs moving so that he can clear the webs that are sat on the hay. Don't worry about the flies to begin with as you will find, trying to clear the webs, will open them anyway. Plan moves carefully and you will get all the onions you need by special combinations etc. Its the flowers that are the hardest, in particular the bottom two in the corner. Try and clear them if you can, earlier on in the game. Its really frustrating to leave flowers to last to run out of moves.

Level 599 **Rancid**

16 Moves Crops to throw at Rancid : Suns, Onions, Carrots, and water drops Make your first rows against the water buckets to start the process of it jumping out. When you get the water on the board, you can make grass with the seeds. Making rows on the grass will get extra valuable points, but if you get enough crops cascading down, whether they are grumpy or not, extra points will go onto the remaining crops. This rancid is not as hard as the last one, so go back to enjoying the game :)

Level 598

20 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 1 Spider 33 Apples 22 Onions The grumpy crops are annoying but not too much of an obstacle here. Once you start making matches you get your extra points on your crops and you don't need too many for this. The trickiest part are the spiders, but even grumpy crop rows can break webs and move them, so they do have a use after all :)  

Level 597

16 Moves Requirements: 16 Flowers 25 Carrots 50 Strawberries There is no set rule for this level. You have 12 flowers so have to make 4. Sometimes it works making the flowers straight away, sometimes it works making them after you have started opening. So work out for yourself which way you find better. However you do it, the principle is still the same. In this level, you definitely need combinations more than ever, more +5 moves when you can. Use your shovels to knock crops down a step to make rows. You need to get your crops cascading like a waterfall, then it will open flowers for you without having to make so many moves.

Level 596

23 Moves Requirements: 4 Sheep 60 Apples 60 Strawberries Move the crops firstly so that you can get the water drops falling down near your hay seeds. Don't worry about making all the patches into hay, but at least two would be helpful, especially if next to each other. Move the sheep down in as few moves as you can. If you can get them into place with moves to spare it helps. You can get extra points on your other crops by planning moves carefully. The extra moves will give you a few extra in case you can't get so many extra points

Level 595

15 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 80 Suns 80 Water drops 80 Strawberries The only part of the board that is accessible is the lower half, where all the grass is. You need to make the 4 flowers, but at the same time be gathering the crops you need, and making the water you want. Combinations wherever you have the chance on this small board are essential, and use shovels to move crops for better matches. Watch what is going to fall down from above before you make a move.  

Level 594

14 Moves Requirements: 2 Sheep 35 Apples 35 Onions The sheep are at the bottom and we have to make our own hay. The hay seeds are at the top, above all the ice. You need to break some of the ice, so that the water and hay seeds fall down. The best place is to bring it nearer to the sheep and make it there. Then watch for chances to leave it home. While doing that, build up value on the other crops to collect numbers needed.

Level 593

16 Moves Requirements: 3 Chicks 115 Onions 115 Strawberries 115 Water drops Plan moves ahead carefully in this level. You need to get rid of as many crops as you can in each move. So look for the best combinations. On top of this, try to make rows next to the firecrackers as they will explode and gather crops for you, or move your chickens. You need to get your chickens onto the board quickly, so that as you are making rows, they are being moved and laying eggs. This level is fairly easy to know what to do, but tricky getting it to co-operate. Lots of combinations and +5 moves and save your shovels for possibly cracking eggs.

Level 592 **Farm Club**

24 Moves Requirements: 8 Flowers 75 Suns 75 Apples 75 Strawberries In this farm club level to unlock all boosters, we need to make the 8 flowers we have to gather. Getting one star is pretty easy, as the only crops that fall are the ones we need. To get all three stars, that is where the challenge is. We need to make the flowers as quickly as we can. And then set the crops up so that when they fall, they fall against more than one flower. The more combinations we make, and the more +5 if we can, the more points we get. Its not a hard level to win, to get three stars is a fun challenge :)

Level 591

19 Moves Requirements: 4 Sheep 55 Onions 115 Water drops Move the sheep as quickly as you can, the top ones being the worst two. The sooner you get them down towards the grass, the more likely you are to beat this level. While moving sheep, plan moves carefully to gather as many crops as you can in each move. If you can make a row vertically between sheep to get them to the hay, that's even better. Just remember you need a lot of water, so whenever you have chance, make rows next to the water buckets. If you get it jumping out all at once and flooding the board, you will get the points going up quickly .

Level 590

25 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 60 Water drops 60 Carrots 60 Strawberries You need to break the ice on the crops surrounding the water bombs as quickly as you can. You need to get the bombs to either shuffle, so that you don't need to waste many fresh water drops getting rid of them, or just make a row with fresh water. Once the bombs are out of the way, you can use your water to make your flowers grow. The crops on the grass will gather points automatically, so make as many rows as you can. But as you have falling crops, possible multi making rows and any +5 crop rows, you will soon get the points you need to pass the level.

Level 589

17 Moves Requirements: 2 Spiders 100 Suns 100 Strawberries 14 Flowers Don't worry, we don't need to make 14 flowers ourselves, they are already here for us, waiting to be picked :) Make as many rows as you can horizontally against the flowers, or vertically between them, so you always hit more than one. This will open them faster. While doing this you will also match up the crops around the spiders, so that you will easily move them.

Level 588

Break the spider webs by matching up the crops and once the spiders are out the way, that makes it easier. Break some of the crops that have webs on only if you need them. Move the crops to get the water drops next to the seeds and make your flowers.

Level 587

20 Moves Requirements: 25 Water drops 2 Flowers 50 Carrots 50 Apples Your flower seeds are on the top half of the board but its easy to get these. Make matches around the water buckets and not only will you get water to jump up to the top board, because the grass is helpfully around the buckets, you will get extra points on the crops. So for once the level is good to us. As soon as your water jumps near the flowers, get them swapped over and grow them by making matches next to them so you can pick them. Shovels come in handy for removing stray crops. (Or opening flowers)

Level 586

14 Moves Requirements: 2 Flowers 35 Onions 35 Strawberries 35 Suns We have a new feature. We need to make our own flowers. Just like before with the grass seed and the hay seeds, we now have a flower seed. Swap it with a healthy water drop and it will grow the flower, you get more falling so if you can't make one straight away. Watch out for falling crops that add points onto your needed crops and that is how you will gather them, while making matches next to your made flowers so they can be picked :)

Level 585

Requirements: 24 Moves 120 Onions 120 Apples 120 Suns 14 Flowers This is a lot easier than most of this episodes levels. Break the ice, open the flowers and while doing all of that, as the crops fall down and you get the added points, make rows where you get the highest points too, all at the same time. It sounds a lot harder than it is. This level goes back to being challenging, using strategy but being fun again :)

Level 584

(revised since level change) 16 Moves Requirements: 85 Apples 85 Water drops 8 Flowers 1Chicks Make matches horizontally against the flowers to start with, or if you can't, then hit as many as you can to get them opened as quickly as possible. Once you have got the flowers open, do the same along the firecrackers. We need them to jump to get the chickens moving. Build up value on the apples and drops so that you get the number of each you need, while making rows near your chickens to get them to lay eggs and then make your chicks. Save your shovels then if you run out of moves and need cracked eggs, you can use them there :)

Level 583

26 Moves Requirements: 8 Flowers 4 Fireflies 2 Spiders 150 Onions At last a nice easy level. This episode have had some hard ones in that's for sure! Open the flowers, don't worry if you light then unlight your flies. It doesn't matter at this point. But if you can get rid of them all the better. Its easy enough to break the ice, make combinations and +5 to get rid of as many crops as you can. They will add to your onions points. It should be possible for you to gather all the onions within the first couple of tries, so once the other obstacles are out of the way, move your spiders. They only have two spare nests and they are all on the same row, so shouldn't take long or cause any headaches :)

Level 582

16 Moves Requirements: 20 Flowers 55 Water drops 55 Strawberries Its easy to get all required crops, but the flowers are more tricky. Start at the bottom so you have more crops falling down from above, but everywhere you make a row, try to touch as many flowers as you can. Most of the time it will be vertically, but make combinations and grab any +5 matches you can. Its not an easy level, but its easier than rancid :P

Level 581 **Rancid**

23 Moves (revised) As its a rancid level we have any amounts of Apples and Suns to throw at him this time. We need 200 points and its only a small board so guess what the grass seed is for? That's right, we have to waste a move making grass. But at least we get extra points for it.   The other disadvantage is, the grumpy crops are back. Making grass makes them happy again though. The only way to complete this level is to make as many points on your crops as you can as you remove them and then gather the remaining higher points crops.  You need a lot of points so make combinations wherever you can. The grumpy crops will make this really hard for you as you cannot make as much grass as you would like due to the lack of moves. Its not too hard to break Ice, but getting the grass where you want it and getting rows of healthy crops is harder.

Level 579

23 Moves Requirements: 6 Sheep 12 Flowers 100 Strawberries 100 Suns Combinations and cascading crops are vital on this level. Make lots of vertical moves against the flowers, as you need to open them and leave plenty of moves for stubborn sheep. They don't have far to go, but usually where the best moves are, there is no hay just to spite you. Watch out for clever moves where you can move sheep from the bottom straight across by laying your crops carefully. Its not such a hard level though, just have a little patience and remember your shovels. ***Edit*** Its not a hard level, but the game goes out of its way to be difficult :P

Level 578

16 Moves 4 Flowers 200 Water drops 30 Suns 30 Strawberries With this level, the 4 flowers are on the smaller board where there is little room to make matches, but it doesn't matter. To get 200 Water drops, we need to flood the board with water. Meaning all matches need to be next to buckets. The best places to do this are against the longer rows, or with the buckets in the middle. But the middle ones, instead of just doing them next to the buckets, try and make rows in between them so you are knocking at least two each time. More water buckets touched, more water drops and more floods. If you are lucky, the water drops will make new matches and make even more water. Don't forget the Strawberries and suns though. Gather those when they have extra points on. As you are flooding the board with water, some will go over onto the flowers and make them open. Save your shovels for maybe hitting the water buckets to save moves.

Level 577

29 Moves Requirements: 55 Carrots 2 Spiders 25 Water drops 75 Strawberries This is similar to Level 575. You need to chase the spiders into the empty nests to get rid of them. If they aren't out of the way, we can't get to the water buckets. There are quite a few and as its a small board its harder to get them. Not impossible though. The biggest problem is the rabbit. Its not so difficult to get the carrots, the problem is when you stun him to keep him still, its harder to get around the board. Just keep persevering and you will do it. But you will need to get extra points on the other crops you need to get everything collected.

Level 576

15 Moves Requirements: 3 Fireflies 5 Flowers 25 Water drops 75 Apples Its pretty easy to get the fireflies so don't worry about them yet unless you have a good chance. The hardest thing to get is the water because its behind the ice, so break that as soon as possible. Try and open flowers using apples if you can, because they are on grass you will get extra points. But however you break them, you need to try and make rows vertically to open more than one as soon as possible. Trial and error and lots of patience is needed for this level.

Level 575

20 Moves Requirements: 2 Spiders 100 Apples 45 Water drops Not such a hard level but moves need to be planned. Chase the spiders away and get him to jump into his empty nests first. At the same time, wherever possible, make rows next to the water buckets so you can get plenty of water jumping about. Make grass if you want, it helps but its not essential, now you are used to making combinations and +5 moves.

Level 574

23 Moves Requirements: 75 Water drops 75 Suns 12 Flowers At first glance we see firecrackers, which are usually helpful. Don't bother making special moves to include them. Out of the many times I played this level, I would say they were helpful for less than 5% of the time. Yes they break ice or land on crops but what we really need to do is open the flowers. They seem to go everywhere but there. Break open the flowers in as few moves as possible. Try to use the needed crops to be gathering your numbers as well. We do have water slurping frogs on the board but tbh unless you break the ice at the bottom, you usually only have one to contend with and he doesn't stop you gathering the water. That's pretty easy. If anything he jumps on rows you have just manipulated into place meaning you can't make the match. The bottom left corner flowers are the hardest to get. If you concentrate on the bottom set of flowers, you will find some top corner flowers are op

Level 573

20 Moves Requirements: 1 Spider 1 Sheep 16 Flowers 100 Onions This level is hard from one side to the other. You have the bombs but no room to make +5 to get rid of them all in one go. If you open the top row of flowers you can get new crops dropping to make a match with the bombs. The reshuffle of the board because of no moves is the best for this level though as it brings them out from their protected space. Bombs out of the way, you need to open the flowers and the spider web/spider at the same time to free the hay on the right side, so vertical matches and cascades are needed her. You soon run out of moves so try to make as much progress in less moves. Move the sheep to the other side and sort out the spider and any remaining flowers. Not an easy level so patience is needed. Good luck!