Saturday, 12 July 2014

Level 547

25 Moves
100 Strawberries
100 Carrots
16 Flowers
4 fireflies
The fireflies are surrounded by flowers, so the best way to go about this level, is to get the flowers opening until you have enough room to make rows for setting your flies off.
Shovels come in handy for manoeuvring crops around so that you can make rows easier, because obviously the less you need to move, the more moves you have left.
And of course if you don't use your shovels on your crops, I find it handy when I have lit a couple of my fireflies and opened the wings on the other, to not only save moves, but safeguard against closing lit flies, by using shovels to light them :)

You will get more points for rows you make on grass, so when collecting the crops part, try and make rows on grass if you can.