Friday, 4 July 2014

Level 543

23 Moves (revised)
10 Flowers
100 Strawberries
100 Suns
50 Water drops
I was on this level for several days, it was so annoying. I thought I was never going to get off it.
Open the flowers, make water, gather your crops. It sounds so easy, but it isn't. You can do most of it easily enough, but its getting all the flowers open and the amounts you need at the same time that is harder.
Use combinations and +5. Save your shovels until you really need them. Make rows against as many flowers or water buckets or both as you can and match your higher points crops as soon as you have chance before you make a move and the points go.
Try and get crops to keep falling once you have made a row.
Crops on grass will get extra points.
Its not just about skill on this level, its also luck.