Friday, 4 July 2014

Level 532

18 moves
4 Fireflies
4 Flowers
130 Onions
40 Water drops
The official line from the Official app page is, look at the crop you need most of, and get that first. I disagree. I think its better to get the annoying irritants out of the way first. Flowers and Fireflies in this level. I always start with the flies as they are more annoying and I have turned them off more times than I have turned them on. Start with the bottom ones as the top ones will be the ones affected by falling crops. Make rows next to the flowers too and you kill two birds with one stone.
Once your flowers are open, work on the remaining crops. You need a lot of onions but need to make the water too, so watch out for combinations and +5 moves, and grab any high valued crops first. That's where using shovels comes in handy as you can remove obstacle crops.