Thursday, 3 July 2014

Level 530

14 moves
100 Strawberries
100 Suns
1 Spider
Playing this on my tablet was fun as I got lots of practice before making video's. Still took me a while though.
Incey spider has 3 empty nests to chase him into once he has vacated the first one.
Break as many of the webbed grass crops as you can quickly. With luck you will make +5 rows which really help, and with the falling crops, hopefully one will break the webs surrounding the spider for you.
My advice for the remaining nests, save your shovels, so that when you can make a row next to the spider, break the webbed crop immediately next to him at the end of the row, so as soon as you make your match, he will jump away. It saves you having to break the length of web, then making a clean row to move him.

As well as doing all this, try to match crops on the grass and get as many points as you can on each of them to complete the requirements for this level.