Thursday, 3 July 2014

Level 527

28 Moves
180 Apples
180 Onions
1 Spider
26 Flowers
To get the spider moving you have to remove several flowers. The best way to do this is like all the other levels, make rows to hit as many flowers as you can. In between is usually better.
I would say the best way to get the spiders, is to keep the flowers in front of the webs in place, so he cannot cast any new webs. But that is really difficult to do, so you will just have to make the most of it. At the same time as opening flowers and moving the spider, make combinations using shovels if you want, and get as many extra points on the crops. Then grab them while they have higher points. Once you get the spider moving, its a case of following him around the board, clearing his webs, opening the spiders until he is defeated and all the spiders are open.

I stick to my theory, that the higher amount of moves, the more awkward the level. And it is. There is a lot to do all at once. Good luck!