Sunday, 15 June 2014

Level 522

26 Moves
4 Flowers
12 Spiders
50 Strawberries
50 Suns
The more moves a level has, the harder it is and this is no exception.
There are no empty nests for the spiders, but we do have 12 to remove, so you need to make rows vertically against them whenever you can. However to do that you need to clear the webs which only leaves us a small strip. Plan your moves carefully. Take your time. See the best move you can make. There are only 4 flowers but I found the hardest was the top left corner, and the bottom right. Clear these ones first if you can. You need to build value up on the crops you remove, so make as many combinations and 5 matches as you can.
Save your shovels for the last few moves as they can help open a stubborn flower or break webs.