Monday, 2 June 2014

Level 503

34 Moves (revised)
4 Fireflies
12 Flowers
82 Suns
82 Strawberries
Normally we would suggest opening the fireflies first. This time open the flowers. Makes life so much easier for you. 
Concentrate on the outer ones as the middle ones will open, effectively, by themselves.
Once the flowers are on their way to be opened, then start the flies, but start with the bottom ones. Or as you know by now, you will get the top ones lit, and they will then be cancelled out by falling crops. Really annoying!
Get your flies lit, by making rows or using shovels, then make combinations for extra points on the remaining crops. 
If you can +5 away all your crops, even better as it will make new ones fall giving more chance of new rows. 
Try and make the rows fall down all by themselves once you have made a match too.