Level 498

26 Moves
3 Dragons
150 Strawberries
150 Suns
A tricky level after the last couple. We don't have sheep or flies to remove, we don't have an annoying rabbit...we just have 3 sets of eggs we need to make and remove.
We do have a little advantage though of firecrackers, if we are really lucky, they will explode and crack some eggs for us.
As on previous levels, the best way to collect the crops is to make multiple rows as many times as we can, or +5 moves. The more points the better as there is no grass on this level to help. Make combinations near the firecrackers, but also keep an eye on those dragons eggs. Remember you can use shovels to help crack eggs. The easiest place to make them is at the bottom of the board, as when matches are made, it will encourage more crops to fall and you can see what you are getting.

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