Level 495 **Farm Club**

**Farm club level**
15 moves
2 Fireflies
6 Flowers
110 Water drops
This is a hard level to get the second and third star, which you need to unlock the boosters.
Easiest way to start this level is to get the flies out of the way, as soon as you get chance. Start with the bottom ones.
Once they are gone, we need to work on the flowers and water at the same time. Try to make rows between them both, along the length of the flowers whenever possible, and hitting as many water buckets as you can. We need to flood the board with water several times over. The more water drops you make, the more stars you are going to get, so although, as usual, you can do all the levels with just shovels. Saving your boosters until this level, will help tip the balance in your favour. Wait to use them though until you know you are going to beat the level and using boosters will make a difference. This is one of those rare occurrences I recommend using free boosters...it does not happen often ;)

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