Level 491

21 moves
2 Fireflies
45 Apples
45 Strawberries
45 Suns
As explained earlier, to light up the fireflies, you need to make a row next to them, like we do for spiders, snowballs, chickens etc. And when you have made your first row against them, they open their wings. When you make a second row against them, they light up. When the first one is lit, as soon as you light the second, they will both fly away.
To get the other requirements, is a little harder. You need to rely on combinations and cascading crops from multiple rows, to add points to your needed crops.
Use shovels to remove a crop that might be in the way of a successful match.
Don't view any retries of this level as a failure, you are practising for future levels ;)

Watch the Demo for more help!

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