Monday, 2 June 2014

Level 477

15 moves
8 Firecrackers
200 Apples
200 carrots
200 Water drops

A more fun level I think. You need to collect all the firecrackers that are given already, but all you do to set them off is move the bottom row. Well, more specifically the crops in the bottom row against the edges. When you make a row of crops from there, the firecrackers drop down, then you can carry on making rows next to them and setting them off.
If you are lucky, the ones that start jumping will also help set off the sleepers.
You are probably getting bored of reading this, but make 5 in a row for extra points and to remove all the same crops. This board is good for that as you only ever get the needed crops on it. No un-needed ones
As they fall down, hopefully you will get more matches following them, all adding to the points.