Monday, 9 June 2014

Level 475

31 Moves
Cropsies needed:
18 Flowers
15 Dragons
25 Water drops

This level is a welcome relief after the other levels. Not a sheep in sight you will be pleased to know.
On first look, you think that you will never get all the dragons, but you just do, as more will fall down as you remove crops.
Try and match 5 crops at a time as only water counts, so it will help open flowers, if you have falling crops.
Make your rows against as many flowers as you can and once you get that ice broken, its really quite simple. Because as soon as you move the flowers, keep making rows against as many water buckets as you can. You only need 25, so by doing this, you will get several jump out at once. With other falling crops you should get added points on your water meaning, that part is soon done. The more water you get jumping on your board, the more flowers are opened if you haven't done them already.