Monday, 9 June 2014

Level 473

22 Moves (revised)
1 Spiders
4 Flowers
80 Suns
80 Water drops

This level can be quite tricky. The bottom two flowers are easy enough, its the top two that are the problems.
Break the ice above the top two buckets as soon as you can, luckily most of your matches will be made next to the buckets anyway. Hopefully once those ice blocks are broken, water will jump into the broken crops place, and then break the rest of the row for you.
Keep shovels for last minute help. Either breaking the ice if you need to, but possibly breaking the spider web, so that when you make a row where the spider is, you can get him out in one move rather than two. That way you can concentrate on the top flowers.
Look at the crops that are in the vertical row above the top barrels as these will be ones that slip into place on the top row, maybe use a shovel to get rid of problem crops.
Its not an overly hard level, its easy to do, but the game won't let you win easily.