Friday, 20 June 2014

Level 460

32 Moves (revised)
6 Sheep
90 Apples
90 Carrots
My advice would be to move the sheep as quickly as possible. Even if its only up to the next row, get them out from that bottom row.
Use your shovels to see if you can make a longer jump for them. Sometimes it will be nicely laid out so you can do that without using a shovel, but not often.Match 5 cropsies together whenever you can, even if they are not the crops you need, because you will get new crops and hopefully new rows making themselves as they fall down.See if when the sheep get towards the top, you can make a row of cropsies in between them leading onto the hay.

This level has changed a lot from its original release. It can now be done without hair pulling, turning to drink or a lot of cursing :D