Friday, 20 June 2014

Level 459

22 Moves
1 Sheep
22 Flowers
70 Water drops
As always, the best advice given is the same as in all the levels requiring flowers. Make your rows lying against them wherever you can, that way you start opening several in one move instead of just one.
It doesn't matter if you are going to make a grumpy match at first, just get the first row of flowers opened, so you can get to the grass.
We have the helpful advantage of the firecrackers this time, so combine your rows with flowers and the crackers, when they explode, they will help you by opening your flowers. The more you set off, the quicker you will beat this level.
Make rows in between the firecrackers, so you set off two or more in one move.
We can concentrate on getting healthy water once you have all your flowers open as the water drops can fall onto the grass. We don't need to make it so that is good.
Once the flowers are out of the way, hopefully you will get lots of crops falling to get all your needed points, then you just need to move your sheep across. You only need one so it isn't too bad.