Friday, 20 June 2014

Level 458

19 Moves
100 Apples
100 Water drops
50 Strawberries
On this level you have a lot of bombs. The best piece of advice for this level, keep an eye on your bombs. If you have too many, because some levels seem to have more than others, quit and start again if you seem to be getting nowhere. Don't play to the end, you will lose a life anyway.
If you can match +5 crops here, even better, especially if you have many bombs of one type crop. Removing that colour will remove the bombs too.
Make combinations wherever you can, you might not move a lot of crops, but you will add points to the ones you do need to remove.
As always the bombs are a pain but at least we have no other obstacles.
Save your shovels to use on stray bombs.
Move your crops carefully, sometimes making a smaller point match can lead to other rows being made automatically once the first row have gone.