Thursday, 19 June 2014

level 451

21 Moves (revised)
2 Spiders
1 Chick

75 Strawberries 
75 Suns 
No sheep but the spiders are back. We also have to make the chickens lay their eggs. So this time we need to make as many combinations as we can, try and match +5 and make as many rows in as little moves as possible. 

We need to get the spider web broken to get to the chickens and give us room to move.
Once you have got the chickens moving, keep making rows next to them to get them to jump. 

Or hit them with a shovel. 
Getting the spiders are easy, its the rest that isn't need lots of falling crops to get the extra points on your needed crops to make sure you get all the ones you need. 
But you also need to make plenty of eggs to get your chicks.
So use your shovels wisely and plan moves ahead.