Thursday, 19 June 2014

Level 449

25 Moves
2 Sheep

80 Strawberries
50 water drops 

This level isn't as hard as it looks. Don't make the grass grow by swapping the seeds with the water drops, on the hay, or you will lose the hay.
Instead, make lots of rows next to your water buckets to get the water jumping out. Move your seeds down. That way, if you can get your seeds down to either on the snow, or just above, when the water jumps next to them you can make your grass over it. It will stop the snow regrowing, which will mean you can make your rows next to the sheep and get them moving up.
Use your shovel to knock the seeds down to make it quicker.
It should be easy enough to get your strawberries and when you have made grass you will get extra points for that. It just might take a little bit of doing.