Thursday, 19 June 2014

Level 447

18 Moves (revised less sheep now)
8 Sheep (dinners)

60 Suns
60 Strawberries

This is a very small board and far too many sheep and not enough moves to do it without some hair pulling.
You know what you need to do by now, move all the sheep onto the hay...The only problem is on this level its one step forwards and two steps backwards.
You need to make as little moves as possible but catching enough crops, so use shovels wisely to make rows if you can. Plan very carefully and check all your sheep before you make a move, so that you don't move the wrong one.
Getting the sheep at the sides seems to help more as it seems easier to get horizontal matches.
There are not really a lot of good tips we can give for this level as you know what to do, but it is tricky, so don't be disheartened if it takes time. 
And even if you don't even use so much as a shovel you can beat this level ;)