Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 445

22 Moves
2 Sheep
150 Strawberries
150 Suns
100 Onions

There is a lot of ice on this level that needs to be broken to get your sheep moving and onto the hay.
Make your rows involving iced crops if you can, or use a shovel to get you going. You should find once you start breaking the ice that the crops fall and you get added points on them, which is better as you need a lot.
You need to try and make +5 rows, and move your sheep as quickly as possible into the right position to get it to move onto the hay, because sometimes you end up moving them about. The sooner you position them, the more moves you have to play with.
The hay is harder to get this time as there are only two squares, but if you plan your moves carefully, you will do it :)