Monday, 30 June 2014

level 444

17 Moves
4 Sheep
80 Carrots
45 Water drops

This is only a small board, so not a lot of room to move, but it should be fairly easy to get the sheep into the middle.
The bigger problem you might have this time is the water drops. Carrots should start falling as you move other crops, and moving your sheep, and of course, if they are on the grass, you will get extra points. You just need to remember to make your rows against the buckets to get your water leaping out. If you could get 4 in a row and hit two buckets that would be even better.
But nothing is ever that easy, watch out that bunny's about. Instead of getting ready for delivering easter eggs, he is sat eating your carrots. As usual, make rows next to him to stun him, or whack him with a shovel if you are feeling bloody thirsty. As long as he is stunned you should be able to get all required elements.
As long as you get one star, you can always come back and get a better score later on.