Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 443

17 Moves
2 Sheep
8 Flowers
70 Onions

Start by getting those flowers. Make rows against them whenever you can, so you open more than one at a time. Get them out the way as quickly as you can.
Make as many +5 rows as you can. Removing all, even none needed crops means you get more rows made for you and more chances for onions falling.
Start moving your sheep, but plan where you want them to go or you will run out of moves quickly.
Sometimes if you make moves from the bottom, you get more crops falling down and making more rows for you.
As soon as you can, move your last move on the row touching your sheep, onto the hay.

**Edit** at the time of writing this, King have changed many many episodes. The video we have here isn't quite accurate, but is harder than the level you need to complete now so its staying. Its still the same idea but you have less to collect :)