Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 442

12 Moves
2 Flowers
2 Spiders
2 Chicks
75 Suns

Getting the chicks is really easy, the chickens are sat on the row where you need the third egg, so as soon as you either make a row next to them, hit them with a shovel or a firecracker hits them, they will move, lay the egg and jump away, leaving your egg to make a row with the two below. Also partly opening a flower. And that is one chick got, so do the same on the other side. If you end up with the chicken laying a cracked egg, and so therefore have two uncracked underneath, don't panic. With any luck the Chicken will either land over there again, or your firecracker could get them. If you haven't many moves left it may just be simpler to start again.
Use a shovel to break a web if you can make a row by moving the crop under it for quickness.
Its really easy to get your spiders as you only need to have a clear row next to each of them, they have no spare nests to jump into.
Make +5 matches if you can, but the more crops that fall, the more points your suns will get, enabling you to gather all you need. 

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