Monday, 30 June 2014

Level 441 **Rancid**

14 Moves
Its a rancid level and all you need to get is water drops to defeat him.
Which would be fine, except you know we are in for trouble. Don't you just want to smack his face? The natural instinct is to avoid all the frogs. But the trouble is, if we avoid the frogs, we also avoid most of the water buckets and the extra points the grass will bring.
So don't hold back, set those frogs free. And then HOPEFULLY with all the movement on the board, when you keep making rows next to as many water buckets as you can at one time, the water will keep jumping out, and as the rows are whisked away, new crops will fall to replace, again, hopefully next to the buckets and move the water up and out. That's the theory and it does work. But it won't if you don't hit as many buckets as you can at one time.
Match +5 crops when you can as well, this really helps. You can do the level with just shovels, its in the demo video at the bottom of this post, BUT to make life easier for you, this is the level you have been saving your doggy booster for, you just haven't realised it before now. And if you have the +1 booster saved to, even better. Only use them if it looks like you are getting somewhere though. You can do it without though :)